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Bioiberica launched Terramin® Pro, a powerful biostimulator of soil health

  • This new product is rich in free amino acids and organic matter
  • It improves the natural conditions of the rhizosphere and provides the fertilization that the soil microbiota need
  • It is certified for use in eco-friendly agriculture

Bioiberica launches Equilibrium®, a new biostimulant specifically for fruit set and the start of fruit ripening

Equilibrium® has been found to increase the number of fruit per hectare while maintaining good calibre, in more than 20 trials in different crops

The Plant Physiology Division to launch their new CeraTrap™ website

CeraTrap™ is the most efficient and eco-friendly solution for the fruit fly pest affecting citrus and fruit trees
This new website includes a calculator to accurately determine the precise quantity of traps needed per hectare

AminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg: Corrects stress caused by Ca and Mg deficiency

aminoquelant_ca_mgAminoQuelant™-Ca/Mg is new in the AminoQuelant™ range of products-it is a formulation composed of amino acids made through Bioiberica´s exclusive enzyme hydrolysis process, in combination with calcium and magnesium (6.5% calcium, 2% magnesium, 4% free amino acids).

Cera Trap®, the biological fruit-fly bait from Bioibérica, obtains phytosanitary product registration in Spain

The highly effective, insecticide-free liquid food attractant is specifically designed to capture the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis Capitata

AminoQuelant®-Cu: bio-available copper having rapid absorption

AminoQuelant_CuAminoQuelant®-Cu is a new formulation composed of a mixture of amino acids made by our exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis process, and copper (5% Cu, 5% free amino acids). This formulation has been specifically designed to optimize copper absorption during certain highly critical moments, thus allowing for a faster and more efficient transportation of copper to the new leaves and to the plants’ growing parts. 


Aminoquelant® Mg: quick assimilation magnesium & amino acids

aminoquelantAminoQuelant® is a product based on amino acids produced by enzymatic hydrolysis and magnesium (MgO, 6% free amino acids). It’s been designed to improve magnesium assimilation in times of critical deficiency, allowing for a quicker and efficient distribution to new leaves and other growing parts of the plant.

Suzukii Trap® by Bioberica, the new attractant specifically designed against Drosophila Suzukii

suzukibodegon_400_400BIOIBERICA’s plant physiology division has recently launched a new attractant specifically designed to protect strawberry, cherry and other berries from the fly pest: Drosophila Suzukii


Armurox®: The dual-action plant protection product

ArmuroxBioiberica presents Armurox®, the product against pathogen-induced plant stress. Armurox® is a dual-action product: creates a physical barrier under the plant cuticle and boosts the plants’ inner defenses. 

Terra-Sorb® Wins Award for Best Farm Product of the Year in Lithuania

Kustodija, our distributor in Lithuania that also exports to the other Baltic nations, has received an award for the best farm product of the year.


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