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Armurox®: The dual-action plant protection product

ArmuroxBioiberica presents Armurox®, the product against pathogen-induced plant stress. Armurox® is a dual-action product: creates a physical barrier under the plant cuticle and boosts the plants’ inner defenses. 

The peptide compounds found in Armurox® boosts silicon absorption-the anti-stress effect of silicon is widely recognized. Silicon accumulates under the leave’s cuticle, thus forming a protective layer which prevents the fungi spores from growing and penetrating the leaf. The protective effects of Armurox® have been proved by a field trial carried out by the Universidad Federal de Viçosa in Brazil.

Further field trials carried out by the University of Malaga, Spain, have demonstrated that the use of Armurox® boost localized production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), thus increasing the cell wall’s depots of callose and lignin and strengthening its natural defenses.

Further field trials on peach, melon, strawberry, table grapes and rice have demonstrated that Armurox® may be a good alternative to chemical fungicides, as it significantly reduces the severity of fungi attacks.

Armurox® has several beneficial effects: among them, prevention of mechanical stress (Armurox® reinforces and thickens the plant’s tissues, thus reducing physical damage), and prevention of biotic stress (prevents external invasion by harmful agents, thus making plants less susceptible to the enzymatic degradation caused by fungal pathogens (especially by the oidium fungus).Beneficial effects:

Thanks to its special formula and mechanism of action, Armurox® leaves no chemical residue, thus contributing to the progress of agriculture by preserving the natural environment and contributing to our customer’s success.

You can read further information on field trials at

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