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Bioiberica launches Terra-Sorb® Organic, a new biostimulant concentrate for organic production

  • Terra-Sorb® Organic is an amino-acid based product that boosts resistance and recovery in crops under stress
  • The new formulation is certified by ECOCERT as a product for use in Organic Farming and expands the company's range of ecological products
  • Spain is the leading country in the EU in organic crop areas, covering 18% of total crop land

Bioiberica has launched Terra-Sorb® Organic  a new biostimulant concentrate certified by ECOCERT as a product for use in Organic Farming (regulation EC no. 834/2007 and no. 889/2008). It contains 20% L-alpha-amino acids obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis (a natural process exclusive to Bioiberica which powers the management of environmentally safe crops compatible with organic farming) and micronutrients that boost resistance and recovery for crops under stress.

The formulation has a biostimulant effect (amino acids) and a nutritional effect (micronutrients), activating numerous physiological and enzymatic processes. Its application also contributes to a better nutritional balance, without being a specific deficiency corrector.

Terra-Sorb® Organic is a key biostimulant for addressing abiotic stress and encouraging rapid recovery at times of high stress intensity in organic olive, almond, nut, fruit and vegetable crops. This product sees us expand the company's range for organic farming,” said Laia Cortel, director of Bioiberica Plant Physiology. 

Indeed, land for organic crops is rising year-on-year around the world and Spain is now the leading country in the EU in terms of organic crop areas, covering 18% of total crop land. 

The Plant Physiology division at Bioiberica specialises in the research and development of biomolecules to address crop stress by providing agricultural developments adapted to different crops and geographical conditions, engaging with benchmark research centres and actively participating in national and international scientific forums. 




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