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Field Experience

Equilibrium® improves fruit setting in stone fruit, thus increasing their early development.

Equilibrium® is a bio-stimulant using synergic action to improve fruit development, from fruit setting to maturation. In earlier studies, we have presented yield improvements associated with an increase in fruit setting rates and quality parameters, including demonstrating improvements in various relevant Spanish crops (horticulture, olive, citrus).

Significant increase in almond production with Terra-Sorb® organic

Below you can find the data of a field trial in almonds with Terra-Sorb® organic, the new eco-friendly biostimulant by Bioiberica, in which we assessed its effect on production:

Equilibrium increases yield and fat content in olive trees

Below is a field trial in olive trees showing the advantages of the use of Equilibrium, Bioiberica’s new biostimulant, on the improvement of fruit setting rates and yield increase.

Positive results of Equilibrium® treatment on Dutch cucumber

Equilibrium® offers very good results in Dutch cucumbers-it increases fruit setting and yield, without negatively affecting fruit weight.

Equilibrium® improves fruit setting, caliber and firmness in Navel Late Oranges

Equilibrium® increases fruit setting, caliber and firmness in oranges

Increase of productive yield in plums (Sungold variant) treated with Equilibrium®

The treatment with Equilibrium can significantly increase yield in comparison with other standard product

Improving fruit setting in olives with AminoQuelant®-B

Boron (B) is one of the seven essential micronutrients for the proper growth of most plants, as it promotes proper cell division and expansion. It is also involved in the formation of the cell walls, pollination, blossoming, seed production, translocation of sugars to the roots, regulation of hormone levels and many other highly important processes. Due to its key role, an adequate supply of this micronutrient might mark the difference between an average harvest and an excellent one.

Yield optimization in table grapes by using Equilibrium™

Grape variants commonly known as table grapes are considered tastier, having a generally lower sugar content which makes them ideal for fresh consumption.

Terra-Sorb™ mitigates abiotic stress caused by cold weather and hail

The grapevine buds blossom during the last months of winter and early spring. In certain regions there is a physical stress caused by the cold and/or mechanical stress caused by hail. Abiotic stress during vegetative growth may cause a notable decrease in yield. In the study below, we give details on how the use of Terra-Sorb™ in two field trials might be of great use to mitigate the negative effect of abiotic stress caused by cold and hail.

Improving qualitative parameters in vineyards with Terra-Sorb® foliar

The use of amino acid-based bio-stimulants is a concept receiving much interest in vineyard management.


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